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Nowadays blogging is getting very popular. And so many successful bloggers are earning money from their blogs. I’m also doing the same. I started blogging, when I was studying 10th standard. Initially, I started blogging on BlogSpot (blogspot.com) platform. But it was not a successful starting. Then I started a blog on wordpress.com. WordPress blogs are similar to blogspot blogs, but WordPress blog’s domain name end with .wordpress.com where in blogspot it ends with .blogspot. I’m very sorry to say something, the only reason for my failure is nothing but the lack of knowledge in blogging and the niche I chosen was on some illegal software, games and movies sharing. That’s why I can’t mention the names of my blogs. During that time, I was not aware on the copyright issues and piracy icon smile Welcome To TellMeHowToBlog

Then I used to surf of internet more time and started reading many articles on blogging from some popular websites. After that, I got a perfect picture on “blogging’ and how to earn money from blogging, without using piracy or any other illegal activities.

My First Self Hosted WordPress Blog

After performing more and more research, I had purchased a domain called “SparkyHub.com” on 29 th November 2011. It is a self-hosted (WordPress) website. As a beginner I had chosen a shared hosting plan for my website. I know that, I won’t get huge traffic on the initial stage. So, a shared hosting was enough for me.

SparkyHub.com is a tech magazine website. But it cover many of the popular topics in the internet. As I said above, SparkyHub is first self-hosted website. During that time I was not having any knowledge in SEO and website optimization. So’ I made some SEO mistakes in SparkyHub.com. So, I don’t think SparkyHub is a great success. But, I can say that, SparkyHub helped me a lot for improving my blogging skills. When I first come with SparkyHub, I don’t even know the basics of seo. But continuous reading made me more and more about SEO and its importance.

So I tried more and more experiments on SparkyHub. I cannot say that all those experiments brought me success only. But I can say that as a webmaster or as an SEO analyst I improved a lot. During that period itself, I started following more seo experts and realized many facts. Even I thought like seo is the one which is able to drive traffic to my blog, but those realizations taught me content and dignity also plays some important role. It led me to provide good quality seo optimized articles to my readers.

Recently, I have started Androdizer.com. It is also running on WordPress platform. The main difference between SparkyHub and Androidizer is that, Androidizer is a niche based website. Because, the whole website is based only on android development and discussion. I have written only 7 unique articles on Androidizer. But, I can proudly say that, my website is a SUCCESS! The reason for that is, my all the 7 articles are getting very high traffic and Androidizer got first in Google result on the keywords I used in the article. If you have any doubt just type this keyword on Google “Xperia ray jellybean”. You can see that, my article comes “first” on the result. I consider it as my achievement in blogging and SEO optimization.

Why I’m Starting TellMeHowToBlog?

From the name itself, you might got the aim behind this blog. So, I’m going to tell you “How to Blog”. I’m mainly concentrating on absolute beginners in blogging. Because of this, each article in this blog will be well explained. Also we’ll provide step by step instructions and even video tutorials if necessary.

The step-by-step explanation will help you in building up your own blog easily. In the first article, we will discuss about, how to choose a best and reliable web hosting for starting a WP blog. Then the next article will be how to install and configure WordPress in server. So, we can start the journey from today itself. I hope TellMeHowToBlog will help you in making good blog and you can start an exciting blogging career. You are free to ask anything in this website regarding blogging.

Happy blogging!


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